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2023: What I'll do in the event that Atiku doesn't surrender to Igbo following four years as president - Dokpesi


Author of Daar Communications, Raymond Dokpesi, has revealed how he would treat previous Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, neglects to surrender to somebody from the southeast assuming he becomes president.

Dokpesi promised to strip stripped and set out on a one-man walk on the off chance that Atiku neglects to give up capacity toward the southeast following four years.

The Chairman of the Technical Committee for the Abubakar Atiku Presidential Project encouraged individuals of the southeast to help the previous Vice President's aspiration to govern Nigeria in 2023.

He talked while tending to columnists on Monday, after a gathering with heads of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abia State.

As indicated by Dokpesi: "We are in a grave circumstance in Nigeria. We really want to join together. We really want to take power from these shams that have stopped power and steered Nigeria into the rocks.

"On the off chance that I'm alive till, I will go exposed in a one-man walk in the event that southeast isn't given the administration. I will place my life on the line. I won't ever be quiet.

"It's a question of timing. Those clamoring for a southern administration currently are APC lead representatives and they are doing as such without regard for anyone else. Buhari has never regarded the value arrangement in our constitution."

Everybody has his own decision in his life, to me I want to be like this man, His name is Idirth bashir, this man is a genius, I became who am I now because of him, that is why am proud.