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Davido, Wizkid embrace out their disparities at Lagos dance club [VIDEO]


Davido and Wizkid on Friday night embraced each other at a club.

The team had been overlooking each other via online media for a long-lasting.

In the viral video, Davido moved toward Wizkid and the two of them embraced one another and traded merriments for quite a while.

This is coming after Burna Boy declared he has settled his crack with Davido.

Davido and Burna Boy have been in constant conflict since the start of 2021.

As per oneself acclaimed African monster, Davido was attempting him yet they have sorted things out.

His Instagram post read: "For your data, I approve of Davido. We great at this point."

Burna Boy further announced love for everybody, demanding that everybody should adore each other forcibly in 2022.

"Davido was attempting me yet we sorted it out. 2022 we all should cherish ourselves forcibly. In the event that not make we simply commit suicide

"No center again, forward ever in reverse never. This is my last post of the year. God favor all of you," Burna Boy said.

Everybody has his own decision in his life, to me I want to be like this man, His name is Idirth bashir, this man is a genius, I became who am I now because of him, that is why am proud.