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Minister David Ibiyeomie lays curses on 'hurray young men', policemen

Pastor David Ibiyeomi provides reason to feel ambiguous about COVID-19 in Nigeria, says it's utilized for cash making (Video)\

Minister David Ibiyeomie, the senior evangelist and originator of Salvation Ministries in a new lesson tended to web fraudsters.

As per Pastor Ibiyeomie, web fraudsters informally named hurray young men are only criminals and they ought to be dealt with likewise.

Talking at Glory Reign 2022, the lead program of his congregation, Pastor Ibiyeomie expressed that yahoo young men ought to find a new line of work and stop from taking individuals' advantages.

He referenced that yahoo young men otherwise known as web fraudsters have caused the demise of such countless individuals across the world, henceforth, there would be ramifications for their activities.

He referenced that they (web fraudsters) will 'know no harmony' since they are taking from others.

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Talking further during the lesson on Thursday night, Ibiyeomie tended to cops who additionally get pay-offs from web fraudsters. He additionally reviled them, expressing that, 'the cash won't ever be adequate for them'.

The senior minister of Salvation Ministries later encouraged hurray young men to stop the existence of wrongdoing and accomplish something advantageous with their lives.

Watch him speak below.

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