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NEWSR eport anyone with shot wounds - Police tell Jigawa residents


Police in Jigawa State have requested that occupants report anyone seen with slug wounds to the closest security development.

The State Commissioner of Police, CP A S Tafida, settled on the decision subsequent to marching presumed hijackers at the order base camp in the state capital.

detailed that the police in Jigawa State had captured 14 ruffians, recuperated firearms and protected one casualty in an activity did to check crimes in the state.

The police supervisor said the activity labeled "Activity Flush Out" was sent off by the order as a reaction to the expanding number of capturing exercises across the state.

Tafida added that during the shoot trade, a portion of the suspects got away with slug wounds.

He, thusly, asked individuals of the state, medical clinics to be wary and report anyone seen with shot wounds to the closest security office.

Tafida said the suspects were answerable for practically all the seizing exercises in the state, including the new kidnapping of a money manager and the passing of two cops in Kwalam town.

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