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Welcome to Fathym LowCodeUnit

Fathym's LowCodeUnit assists you with creating, mechanize, and deal with the conveyance of present day web projects. Assume responsibility for DevOps processes with a total stage for facilitating, persistently fabricating, and sending your applications. As your venture develops, figure out how to confirm your clients, construct complex miniature frontends, A/B test client encounters and then some.

We deal with the tediuos, standard parts of undertaking conveyance so you can zero in on finding and offering some benefit to your clients.

Convey your next project with LowCodeUnit to profit from gradual updates, decoupled codebases, autonomous organizations, and group independence.

Created as a total miniature frontend stage, LowCodeUnit makes the arrangement of your next JAMStack, heritage, and single page applications direct. The initial step is to pursue LowCodeUnit, then, at that point, you can convey existing plans from open source or interface GitHub to send your own ventures. There are various ways of conveying your code from GitHub relics and NPM bundles to compress documents and site manufacturers.


Getting everything rolling

The Getting Started guide will walk you through the essentials of getting ready for action with LowCodeUnit. Figure out how to have applications, arrangement persistent joining, and design your first miniature frontends.

Javascript Frameworks

Regardless of your flavor, the systems you use and love will work with LowCodeUnit. Evaluate React, Svelte, Angular, or Vue.

Staic Site Builders

If your searching for something with a more fast beginning stage checkout Docusaurus or Plasmic.

Structure Understanding

Hoping to all the more likely get what we offer you can go to our Applications guide.

JAMStack internet business

The JAMStack internet business guide tells the best way to utilize Forestry, 11ty, and snipcart to quickly arrange a functioning web based business webpage.

Effectively Host Power BI Reports

The Easily Host Power BI Reports guide tells the best way to take your current PowerBI reports, and safely convey them in a marked space and application with LowCodeUnit. Figure out how to use open source applications, arrangement consistent coordination, and design your first LowCodeUnit application.

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